Healthy Foods Are Important For Weight Loss, But So Is Healthy Cooking

To maintain a healthy weight, you need to watch what you eat. And to lose weight, you need to eat certain foods. But research evidence is indicating that you need to cook these healthy foods properly in order to reap the associated weight loss benefits.

While there are cooking techniques that will reduce nutrients from the food, there are cooking methods that actually add calories to the foods, making them less healthy. Therefore, it is important that from now onward, you focus on healthy cooking as well.

This form of cooking helps to preserve the nutrient content in the food, better cooking time, and prevent the addition of more calories or addition of unhealthy content. For this reason, you can enjoy these healthy foods, and lose weight as expected.

Don’t make vegetable pieces too small

When chopping vegetables, you should try to make them much bigger. The reason is that bigger pieces will absorb less oil, and that will keep them healthier by reducing the amount of oil they take up during the cooking process.

Leave the peels intact

Many people tend to get rid of the peels in foods like apples and potatoes. Unfortunately, this is wrong because these peels hold most of the fiber content in these foods. Getting rid of them can lead to eating habits that promote weight gain. Fiber content in food improves satiety, which prevents overeating, which in turn promotes weight loss.

Try spices in place of salt

Consuming too much salt is already considered a serious problem today. Salt increases water retention, and this causes an increase in weight. And you can try and reduce your salt intake by using spices such as black pepper. These spices add flavor to the food without making it unhealthy. Some of them even have important nutritional compounds that can greatly improve your health and promote weight loss.

Steam vegetables in the microwave

Most of the means used to cook vegetables make them unhealthy. For instance, some vegetables are cooked in oil, where they absorb high amounts of it, essentially making them unhealthy. But if you steam them in the microwave, such vegetables would not take up such unhealthy ingredients during the cooking process.

Besides, research has shown that the less time vegetables are cooked, the better for their nutritional integrity. For instance, Swiss chard has been shown to shed 15% of its vitamin C content after being cooked for 5 minutes. The microwave is fast, and it keeps you from adding any unhealthy substances to the vegetables; and this keeps them healthy.