Nutrisystem Update: Weeks 3 & 4

Hey guys, today’s video, includes my weeks three and four experiences and thoughts on Nutrisystem. I am very excited that tomorrow will actually be my one month on Nutrisystem.

The only thing that I worry me is regarding, how long I will be able to really stick to the new eating lifestyle, for instance where will I be in a month’s time. At times, if you do not see the results, it is a lot harder to stick to things, but my results have been so amazing and I am so proud of myself.

I am so thankful that I got this opportunity because it is really changing my life; this is because I have always been the heavier girl and the chunky girl. I still have some meat on my bones and I am not where I want to be yet, but I really believe that this program has given me a kick start and I really feel that I will be able to keep up with the new found lifestyle after the program is over.

Many people have had a lot of concern regarding, what I will do after I am done with the program, but I believe that the program has given me a new eating guideline and has taught me how to eat. Before the program, I never ate the right portions, I never ate at the right time, I never ate the right things, but I really feel confident that I will be able to keep this weight off and maybe lose even a little bit more depending on where I am at the end of this program.

As far as my weight goes, I just completed my fourth week, as I said where I am down 11 pounds. When people wanted to know my target weight loss goal once the program was over, I did not have a concrete target because I was not aware of how fast or how slow first, I would lose my weight, as statics that show that an individual can lose approximately 1 to 2 pounds in a week. The range that I could provide from the top of my head was between 20 to 30 pounds.

I started out the program weighing 166 pounds, however I am not sure how I would look somewhere in the 130 pound mark, but still think that 130 pounds would be a good goal weight. I would have been contented with attaining 140 pounds as my weight, but seeing how fast I am losing weight and seeing the simplicity of the whole process provides me with ample motivation to push for the 130-weight goal.

I don’t have a specific goal I want to reach in and it is more of a guessing game for me. This weekend I could have lost my weight, however, I haven’t lost any of my weight. On Friday, I was at about 155.9, then I was 155.8 and today I am 155.2, so I am slowly loosing over the last four days.

When I went to Nolan’s birthday party I had a piece of cake, I had a cookie, but I am very good at what I ate though, because I made sure that I didn’t overeat and I was portioning myself out.

My whole life I had always had a big bust, so as I lose weight my bra fits me more loosely around my chest. My other clothes are becoming baggier where they fit me, loosely around the arms as well as my stomach area. In my first Nutrisystem video, many people have asked me whether I can show the food, talk about the food that I like and I don’t like.

The Food is Good

Honestly, I feel that all the food is really good, there is nothing that I have had that I have been unable to consume. Definitely, I have my favorites, but the only foods that I am a bit hesitant about are because I am meticulous or the foods may contain an ingredient that I may not like. For instance, I am not able to eat a dessert like coconut almond bar because I don’t like almonds and I hate the taste of coconut, but you might find that many individual really love coconut.

I think that’s all about Nutrisystem. I think I included everything. For those who have questions that you may have or there is something you want me to talk about in future videos, you can put them forward. I did have a lot of questions last time and I think I answered, if I left anything out, I am sorry will try to remember to talk about it next time. I will go ahead and show you guys a body shot.

Weeks 3-4 on Nutrisystem

Here is what I look like with the same pants I had worn last time. I feel like these fit a lot better now I don’t have to wear them up as high. A lot of my belly fat is still right here so I have to wear them up a little bit higher. This is how I look like from the side, it is also 4:30 pm, where I have had breakfast, lunch as well as two snacks, so I do not look as thin as I look in the morning.

What is the Breakfast  Like on Nutrisystem?

Let me show you what I eat for breakfast. What follows is my reports and photos from previous days.

Today’s breakfast, as you can see, consists of two butter milk waffles and I had fat free syrup sprinkled all over the top.


For today’s breakfast I am having Nutrisystem’s flakes and I am used to really sugary delicious cereal, this is not that bad, you can’t compare it to that but it is all right. It is nice having cereal for a change.

Nutrisystem flakes

Today’s breakfast, I am having French toast and some coffee.


Today’s breakfast is the double chocolate chip muffin and it is smaller, I was a little disappointed in the begging, but honestly, now a couple weeks into the program. It is the perfect size for me.

chocolate muffin

Today’s breakfast, I am having the breakfast burrito, this is actually good and its one of my favorites.

breakfast burrito

For lunch I am having my peanut butter chocolate bar and it is delicious.

peanut butter bar

So today for lunch, I have the chocolate protein shake as well as a bean and cheese burrito, I really like the burrito.

chocolate protein shake

Today for lunch I am having this stake and cheese mall and this is definitely another favorite of my lunches.