Why I Like the Maverick Restaurant in San Francisco


My food blogging adventures have taken me to different places where I can set myself on a journey in order to experience new gastronomical delights. Over the years, I have learned that culinary experiments rooted in other countries are always not mandatory. While they make interesting TV shows, what food addicts really need is an insider’s review on the upcoming restaurants in town and the signature dishes that could turn their average weekends into an unforgettable affair. So often I find myself hunting for new locations that serve food for the upscale neighborhoods and yet retain a very healthy and local flavor in their dishes which remind us of basic home-cooking comfort.

My Fine Dining Experience at Maverick in San Francisco

Last night, my dream came true when I stepped into Maverick for the first time. I had been hearing rave reviews about this place from my friends, and I finally decided it was time to gain a first-hand experience to see if the restaurant lived up to the hype. I was definitely not disappointed. Maverick is located on 17th Street between Mission and Valencia Street in San Francisco. The moment you enter the restaurant you notice that it has a very low-key feel to it. It does not present itself as ostentatious, rather it sets up the mood to let its food do the talking.

High Quality Food

food at Maverick

Often many restaurants get sidetracked while making an over-the-top appearance, and overlook the primary purpose of delivering top grade food to its customers. Maverick never makes that mistake. The moment you go through their menu, you realize that this place intends to serve dishes that are refined and chic, and yet quite homely and rustic which immediately puts customers at ease. I love restaurants that blend such opposite elements together in such beautiful harmony, and Maverick succeeds in this aspect like no other.

Made with Organic Produce

One of the reasons why I have been quite intrigued by their dishes is because Maverick has built quite a good reputation for using organic produce. While today organic farming has become more of a fad statement for the elite, Maverick completely spurns such ideas and makes organic food the sole ingredient for healthy eating. This restaurant has built quite a successful network with organic farmers who use the best resources to grow absolutely clean and fresh food.

Maverick’s owner Michael Pierce was there to provide his charming company as I made through their celebrated dishes.

Michael Pierce

I had requested him to say something about his restaurant for my blog, and he had happily agreed. As I savored their signature dish of fried chicken, Michael spoke to me about his intentions for the restaurant. He talked about all the things they did at his restaurant to “go against the grain” and to “push the envelope”. The result was quite apparent. Their menu had started out by focusing mainly on regional American recipes, but then expanded to cater to the ever-changing modern tastes of the customers.

Their wines are produced all over different states, and has a classic taste to them that always enhances the flavor of the meals. According to Michael, “The focus of the wine list is small artisan producers making European style wine in America, and the program really focuses on demystifying the wine experience for our guests”.

Wine at Maverick

They offer ‘half-glass’ wine tasting programs, where customers could try different types of wines while having their meals. Maverick intends on delivering “five star service in casual setting”. Everyone who works there is very customer-friendly and operates as a part of an efficient team. For the time I spent there, my needs were always catered to and I truly felt like I was in a hospitable ambiance with great food for company.

I had scallops as a starter which was served with curry soup and tasted absolutely heavenly, luscious and creamy. I followed it with their stellar fried chicken which was crispy on the outside and absolutely juicy and soft inside with good flavors packed in. I learnt that customers could also order this fried chicken in bucket to go, and it is convenient to have as a take out.

Southern Fried Chicken

The chicken is also cooked perfectly all the way through. The crispy coating has a salty and peppery taste which enhances the gastronomical experience. Finally, I tried their dessert menu which is very varied. Their traditional milk and chocolate chip cookies are absolutely delicious. The chocolate chips cookies come straight from the oven and were a delight to bite into.

Overall, my experience at Maverick met all the built-up expectations. It truly lives up to its hype is providing customers with a very hospitable ambience and absolutely great dishes which are a pleasure to eat. I am definitely their fan, and will be frequenting this food joint at least once every week. It would roughly cost around $45 for a healthy meal involving starters and alcohol, and therefore amounts to a very unique and affordable experience for all.