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Interview with Scott Youkilis

Scott Youkils

Scott explains that how the food and the drinks interact together is important. They have to be balanced. For the sake of consistency and speed they prepare the drinks in batches. They mix their cocktails. “In a world that is moving so quick, people do not want to spend¬† 2-3 hours in a restaurant. Customers get very high quality ingredients, and a great experience, in just a little bit of time.


Hi Lo Changes the Way America Eats

Chef Scott Youkilis is the owner of a number of restaurants. Maverick is one of them of course. Hi Lo is another one, and it has received a lot of buzz lately. Hi Lo does great BBQ.

Hi Lo BBQPhoto: Hi Lo BBQ is located on 3416 19th St, between Mission and Valencia, San Francisco

SaladPhoto: Salad at Hi Lo

 Chicken fried butter burgerPouring gravy on top of Chicken Fried Butter Burger